Now Introducing the “Exotic Series” by Response Custom Drums





















It has been very exciting around here for the last few months. We have been working on and developing our brand new line of Exotic Series Drums! With different wood types we have found that a change in bearing edge can amplify the┬ánatural tone of the different wood species. With the Waterfall Bubinga, we honed in on our new “F.A.T. Response Edge” that gives the drums a very low, warm, and punchy tone.

Waterfall Bubinga 4-Piece Drum Kit:
Waterfall Bubinga Outer Ply and Inner Ply with Maple Core
6 ply Toms and Bass Drum
8 ply Snare
22×16, 12×8, 16×14, 14×5.5

High Gloss Clear Coat Exterior

Hand Rubbed Satin Interior

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