The Difference In Drum Shell Materials

Wondering what drum shell fits you best?  Here is a look at our top 4 shells.  If you have more questions or can’t find something that fits you, contact us and we will help you find your sound!

Vintage Mahogany

  • More Lower tones and bottom end
  • Lower project than maple or birch.
  • Very warm , dry tone


  • Warm tone
  • Large tonal range
  • Lower pitched than Birch but higher than Mahogany
  • Maple is our most popular shell


  • Brighter and louder
  • High tonal range
  • More projection
  • Punchy


  • Loud
  • Punchy
  • Very resonant
  • Synthetic like sound


  • I hope to find my sound in drum shells to build my dream drum kit

    Tim WhiteSeptember 4, 2011