Bearing Edges

At Response Custom Drums, we strive to make your drums respond to you while inspiring you to respond to your drums. Part of that connection is the sound and feel of your drums, the key … the bearing edge. Instead of having a “standard” bearing edge, we offer countless bearing edge combinations. After some serious research and experimentation, we have determined that there is no such thing as “the best bearing edge.” Instead we are determined to unearth YOUR EDGE. We offer endless possibilities of edges in order to attain different sounds, tones, and resonance, so that when you get behind a Response Custom Drum set, you know that you are at home.

Here are a few examples of edges that we offer:

  • Single 45 Degree
  • Dual 45 Degree
  • Single 30 Degree
  • Dual 30 Degree
  • Full Roundover
  • 45 Degree with Roundover back cut
  • 30 Degree with Roundover back cut

You can get any combination of the edges that we offer.
All around, your drums should inspire you to want to play even more! By offering many possibilities of edges, you know that your drums will give you your own look as well as your unique sound. Contact our shop to give your sound an edge!