At Response Custom Drums, we strive to make your drums respond to you while inspiring you to respond to your drums. Part of that connection is the sound and feel of your drums, the key … the bearing edge. Instead of having a “standard” bearing edge, we offer countless bearing edge combinations. After some serious research and experimentation, we have determined that there is no such thing as “the best bearing edge.” Instead we are determined to unearth YOUR EDGE. We offer endless possibilities of edges in order to attain different sounds, tones, and resonance, so that when you get behind a Response Custom Drum set, you know that you are at home.

Here are a few examples of edges that we offer:

  • Single 45 Degree
  • Dual 45 Degree
  • Single 30 Degree
  • Dual 30 Degree
  • Full Roundover
  • 45 Degree with Roundover back cut
  • 30 Degree with Roundover back cut

You can get any combination of the edges that we offer.
All around, your drums should inspire you to want to play even more! By offering many possibilities of edges, you know that your drums will give you your own look as well as your unique sound. Contact our shop to give your sound an edge!

Wondering what drum shell fits you best?

Here is a look at our top 4 shells.  If you have more questions or can’t find something that fits you, contact us and we will help you find your sound!

Vintage Mahogany

  • More Lower tones and bottom end
  • Lower project than maple or birch.
  • Very warm , dry tone


  • Warm tone
  • Large tonal range
  • Lower pitched than Birch but higher than Mahogany
  • Maple is our most popular shell


  • Brighter and louder
  • High tonal range
  • More projection
  • Punchy


  • Loud
  • Punchy
  • Very resonant
  • Synthetic like sound



See what your fellow drummers are saying about Response Custom Drums!

“If quality isn’t enough for you to purchase custom drums from RCD, then the ownership and staff should be worth way more than enough to make this the custom shop to work with! Good ol fashioned values along with progressive style capabilities and cutting edge finishes. I’ve been playing drums for about 12 years now and am continually …impressed and surprised by the quality designs and sounds coming from Response Custom Drums. If you can dream it, I’m confident they can build it! RCD has a one on one approach to getting you what YOU want, and your kit will not be sent to a production line. If you want to have confidence in your kit, talk to the one company where you speak to the man building your kit. Response Custom Drums is where it’s at!”  –Jesse Roe

“I can’t say enough about Travis and his company. He has really raised the bar with customer service and really takes a personal interest in every customer’s business. Any questions or concerns, he’s there for you to help make your design a reality. He makes no assumptions in building your drums. If he had a quesiton about anything…, I would always get an email or phone call before he went ahead with it.  Travis, you really make your customers feel valuable to your business, after working with you, I can’t imagine going to anyone else and getting that same treatment. Thank you!”  – Alex Sudbrink

“I’ve been a drummer since middle school and have never played on a better set in my life, and I’ve seen plenty. Response Custom Drums provides you with exactly what you want in a kit. And what is that? Well, only you know, and only Response will give it to you.  I played a Response Custom Drums drum kit for a show we put on over the sum…mer in a local park. I hadn’t even practiced with the Response drums, and when I played them that day it felt like they fit me and my style like no other set I’ve ever played before.  Seriously. Awesome. Drums.”   -Josh Dawson

“I’ve been playing drums for about 20 years and have never come across a kit that sounds so pure and looks so amazing. Unlike some custom companies, Response Custom Drums are truly CUSTOM fit to the drum from the shells to the bearing edges, from the finish to the hardware, everything is done by hand by someone on the response team. You’ll never get a more personal experience than working with Response. You will always speak to someone at the company, never any automated answering systems. Response ALWAYS returns calls promptly and keeps in touch with you the whole time from order to delivery. Response not only cares about the product they make but the drummers they make them for. If you love drums you NEED Response Custom Drums!”  -Jim Heiderscheit‎

“Response Custom Drums are simply incredible. Their product is guaranteed to please the artist purchasing, their customer service is untouchable with no automated emails and direct contact with Travis; You get to talk straight to the drum builder himself for the entirety of your order. For any drummer, Response Custom Drums can make your dream set a reality!”  -Travis W. King

“RESPONSE CUSTOM DRUMS had everything I looked for in a drum kit. I had dreamed up a finish that I wasn’t too sure would look great and Travis made the kit come out beautifully. Everyone on the Response team is extremely easy to talk to and they care about drummers’ questions and comments. The quality and customer service is the best part about this drum company. I have become addicted to Response drums and plan on getting another custom kit in the future!”  -Dylan Brown

Response Custom Drums, what can I say. Travis and Jim really went above and beyond, truely out of their way to ensure I was getting a high quality custom kit. From brainstorming finishes and lug types to throwing in free high quality heads, I was amazed at the level of customer service I was receiving. I can’t thank these guys enough and I’m stoked to rep Response drums at my upcoming shows. I know in the future I’ll be ringing these guys up again to have more work done. Thanks for the hard work guys 🙂         – Graham Scanlon


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